L'Arche Canada

Volunteering at L’Arche

There are many opportunities to volunteer in a L’Arche community.

Volunteering in a local L’Arche community:

Some volunteers are long-term members of a community who develop deep and meaningful connections with other members. Other volunteers may come for a season or a project. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the community closest to you to enquire about opportunities.

Here are some examples of volunteer activities:

  • Volunteering in a L’Arche home by helping to prepare and share a meal
  • Volunteering in a Community Inclusion Program
  • Helping with special events
  • Volunteering in community or spiritual life activities
  • Helping with maintenance, gardening, etc.
  • One-on-one peer friendships
  • Helping with fundraising

More Career Opportunities

We are always happy to welcome new Assistants to the role of living with, supporting, and developing friendships with our members with intellectual disabilities.

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Through friendship, meaningful work, fun social activities, and home life, assistants and persons with intellectual disabilities build communities of belonging together.

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In a world so often divided by difference, L’Arche creates inclusive communities where people of many differences live and work together.

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Assistants will be supported to learn and grow through their daily lives in their home and community, and, through our more formal Leadership Training Programs.

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Hundreds of people come to L’Arche communities each year to learn, to grow, and to have an extraordinary life-changing experience. Most make an initial commitment of one year. Many Assistants will choose to stay at L’Arche for several years, and some for their entire career.

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