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L'Arche Communities

Today, there are 30 L’Arche communities in nine provinces across Canada.

L'Arche communities

The vision of L'Arche is to create a world where everyone belongs.

There are 30 L’Arche communities in nine provinces in Canada, divided into four regions: the Western Region, Quebec, Ontario, and the Atlantic Region.

The L’Arche communities in Canada provide a range of individualized supports that help each person live a meaningful life, contribute their gifts, and achieve their goals. These supports are provided within a unique life-sharing model where persons with intellectual disabilities and those who support them share daily life, learning, growing, and celebrating together. Relationships of mutual care that bridge differences can be transformative and a pathway to meaningful belonging and inclusion.

The communities vary in size, history and local flavour, yet they share the same spirit of welcome, joy and celebration. The members share in decision-making, chores, activities and the life of the community as they desire and are able.

The Mission that unifies L’Arche is rooted within the unique culture, history, and networks of each local community.

Map of L'Arche communities in Canada
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  • In our world friendship matters.
  • L’Arche has a distinct spirit where persons with intellectual disabilities and assistants truly share life with one another.
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