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Ontario Region

L’Arche Arnprior

A warm and secure milieu that permits all to discover their gifts and develop their talents. Visit the L’Arche Arnprior website for more information or to donate to their community.

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L'Arche Arnprior

When all people, including the most marginalized, take their place, society becomes more human.

16 Edward St., Suite 103 Arnprior, Ontario K7S 3W4

Tel. (613) 623-7323 office@larchearnprior.org


Community Leader : Pernell Goodyear

Arnprior - three coremembers smiling and laughing on a swing

Located in the beautiful Ottawa Valley region, L’Arche Arnprior consists of three homes for group living; a large Supported Independent Living program which includes Seniors Extended Support; and a growing range of day supports, programs, and initiatives.

The members of the community live, work and learn together, creating a homelife which builds relationships and leads to the discovery of each other’s gifts.

People are at the heart of the L’Arche community. Mutual care is given whenever needed, but everyone is encouraged to take an active part in the daily life of both their household and the community, offering their core gifts to all.

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L’Arche Ottawa

A bilingual community that is actively involved in the capital of Canada, promoting the values of L’Arche to the residents of the city. L'Arche Ottawa consists of six homes in the eastern part of the city.

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Outaouais - A person with a disability smiling
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L’Arche Outaouais

Located in the heart of Gatineau, L’Arche Outaouais (previously named Agapè) has 4 homes.

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Daybreak - a group of community members at a party
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L’Arche Daybreak

A large, well-established community bringing together people of diverse cultures and religions, known for its creative workshops and beautiful spiritual centre. Founded in 1969, L’Arche Daybreak in Richmond Hill Ontario is the oldest L’Arche community in North America.

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Hamilton - A group of community members at an event
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L’Arche Hamilton

Located in a beautiful university city situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, this inner-city community is a sign of hope. Situated near downtown, the community's four homes, apartment, and workshop are within walking distance of each other and are well integrated into the local city life.

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