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In a world so often divided by difference, L’Arche creates inclusive communities where people of many differences live and work together.

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If you are someone interested in helping to build a more compassionate world, who wants to learn how to live and work with people who are different than you, and are someone who is open to broadening your perspective on what you value and how you see the world—we invite you to apply to be an Assistant in L’Arche.

We are committed to the greatest quality of life that enables each person to achieve their full potential.

We strive to promote justice and full inclusion for all, including persons with disabilities. We are engaged in a variety of ways on the local, national, and international levels to promote the awareness of the capabilities of persons with intellectual disabilities, and to help bring them and their rights into the center of society.

L’Arche provides educational experiences on broader topics that help Assistants reflect on their vision for humanity.


As an Assistant in L’Arche you will support people with intellectual disability in all dimensions of life through daily living and companionship—respectfully aiding and empowering them to live fully and claim their rightful place in society. Doing this, you offer an important contribution to the lives of others that will make a difference in their lives, and in your own.
Through hands on support and the daily tasks of building community, you will develop lasting friendships and gain valuable life skills: learn to cook for ten people; support someone to learn a new skill; gain confidence in leading a meeting; develop teaching skills; use your creativity everyday; become an advocate; learn new skills in teamwork and collaboration.
In addition, through supportive relationships, you’ll gain new perspectives, experience deep lessons in understanding and compassion, and broaden the way you see the world.
Through helping others and making a positive impact, you’ll discover more about others and yourself.


The social innovation of L’Arche is founded in the discovery that those most excluded, most vulnerable in our society play a central role in helping to create a more just, more inclusive society. In L’Arche, we live and work together—and see each other as friends, teachers, and leaders for social change.
Choosing to share life together with persons with intellectual disabilities in community offers the power and privilege of knowing someone beyond labels and assumptions. L’Arche communities offer opportunity for real connection, understanding and friendship that will challenge your assumptions, and change your perspectives. Through friendships with people with intellectual disability, you will come to know yourself better and have deeper understanding of humanity and interpersonal relationships. And you will never look at the world in the same way!

More Career Opportunities

We are always happy to welcome new Assistants to the role of living with, supporting, and developing friendships with our members with intellectual disabilities.

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Through friendship, meaningful work, fun social activities, and home life, assistants and persons with intellectual disabilities build communities of belonging together.

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Assistants will be supported to learn and grow through their daily lives in their home and community, and, through our more formal Leadership Training Programs.

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There are many opportunities to volunteer in a L’Arche community

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Hundreds of people come to L’Arche communities each year to learn, to grow, and to have an extraordinary life-changing experience. Most make an initial commitment of one year. Many Assistants will choose to stay at L’Arche for several years, and some for their entire career.

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