Accessibility and Inclusion

People with intellectual disabilities have insights, leadership abilities, and gifts that society needs.

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Culture of Belonging

To create a truly inclusive society, we must strengthen a culture of belonging. A culture of belonging is a learning culture.

Voice and Choice

Nothing about me without me. Nothing about us without us.

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Inclusive Participation

Co-learning and co-leading

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Voice and Choice

L’Arche Canada has engaged with L’Arche stakeholders with and without intellectual disabilities to learn more about their hopes and concerns for creating inclusive housing, inclusive neighbourhoods, and inclusive communities. We have been listening to the diverse voices of neighbours and partners as we share experiences and learnings. We believe that the way we work together, welcoming the contribution of each person, is just as important as the solutions we develop in our effort to create a world where everyone is valued and belongs.

  • Enriched Listening
  • Strategic planning – Impact Listening and Learning Conversations as part of Mission-in-Action-Plan Process
  • Accessibility and Inclusion Team
  • Youth Leaders group
  • Contributing to the Pan-Canadian Disability Impact project in both steering committees and gatherings
A smiling dark haired young woman with down syndrome wearing glasses and a yellow flower headband.

Inclusive Participation

L’Arche Canada’s youth leaders’ group engaged in a values-based, inclusive leadership development program that built their capacity as co-learners and co-leaders in L’Arche Canada’s national structure and in their home communities. Putting theory into action, L’Arche Canada has created new leadership roles for persons with disabilities on its Communications team, Mission-in-Action Plan team, Accessibility and Inclusion Committee, and Inclusive Housing Solutions Lab team. We also continued to work with partners like the Pan-Canadian Disability Coalition, the Inclusive Design Research Centre and Listen-Include-Respect to make our processes more accessible.

“Leading Change has helped me feel like I belong. … Together, we all learn to lead in our own ways because we care and are supported.”
– Tiana Kirkegaard, youth leader from L’Arche Greater Vancouver

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Our Impact

The Impact of L’Arche is personal, local, regional, national, and global.

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