Inclusive Housing

Increased Inclusive Housing Options

What we learned

The ways that people live together or alone can be limitless – we all have our own preferences. Unfortunately, residential buildings and policies can impact the ways in which we live together (or apart) and what the physical structures look like. These limits were reflected in the concerns we heard:

  • Communities, developers, and governments are stuck in the status quo; there is a lack of innovation
  • There are gaps in the housing continuum, and notably a lack of appropriate housing that supports belonging
  • Accessible units are not being accessed
  • Investment in affordable, inclusive options are limited

Priority actions from our roadmap

Priority Action 1

Continue Feasability and Planning for a Co-Living Pilot in Saint John

Priority Action 2

Increase access to existing accessible units by providing developers with contacts for non-profits who serve populates who need these units

Priority Action 3

Develop an Inclusive Housing Pilot between an NGO and interested housing developer/ operator in Fredericton

Priority Action 4

Engage and educate developers about Inclusive Housing

Inclusive Housing Webinar Series

An Alternative Approach to Financing Inclusive Housing – Cases Studies in Canada 

Presented by Maura Chestnutt and Robert Brown, founders of Catalyst Community Developments Society

An Alternative Approach to Financing Inclusive Housing – Cases Studies in Canada Screenshot

Examples of Increased Inclusive Housing Options Initiatives

Canada HomeShare ↗

Canada HomeShare™ is an intergenerational housing solution.​​
HomeShare works to match older adult home providers with students to create mutually beneficial living solutions.​​
This work aims to support aging in place for older adults while providing safe and affordable housing solutions for post-secondary students.

The Right Fit ↗

The Right Fit is a multi-partner service designed to address the crisis in wheelchair accessible housing by matching affordable, accessible homes and independent living supports with people who need them in the Vancouver region of British Columbia.

Innovative housing models for persons with intellectual disabilities by Community Living Ontario ↗

This document presents summaries of nine models of inclusive, community-based housing that meets the diverse needs of people who have an intellectual disability. It is meant to offer inspiration to people, families, and organizations that are working to increase inclusion and choice in their communities. ​

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