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Inclusive Housing

Inclusive Housing Partnerships & Movement

What we learned

When we talk about the social impacts of housing versus just the physical impacts of housing we can improve the health and well-being of people and communities. The need to move forward on inclusive housing was evident in our Lab. We heard:

  • Inclusive housing is not just for one population
  • Organizations often do not work together across populations
  • Government, private and community sectors are not well connected
  • Siloed thinking leads to siloed actions and less power

Priority actions from our roadmap

Priority Action 1

Establish a Municipal-level Inclusive Housing Partnership Facilitator with the City of Fredericton. Evaluate and explore ways to replicate this role in other communities (including Saint John).

Priority Action 2

Establish a Provincial Inclusive Housing Partners Table or Coalition for the purpose of aligning and co-creating policies, programs and innovations between the Government of New Brunswick and other provincial stakeholders.

Inclusive Housing Webinar Series

The PASS Pilot Partnership – inclusive housing in a market development

Presentation by Maura Chestnutt (Catalyst Community Developments Society) and Lauren Crum (Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network)


Inclusion Canada: My Home, My Community

Presentation by Tara Levandier, the Executive Director of Operations & Social Impact at Inclusion Canada about the My Home My Community initiative.

My Home My Community Webinar Participant Photo


Examples of Inclusive Housing Partnership & Movement Initiatives

People First of Canada: A Home for Me ↗

Across Canada, People First members have different housing experiences. This blog is a space for members to share their housing stories. They highlight the challenges and successes they have had along the way. It is a space for members to share their hopes for future housing or their happiness with their current home.

Inclusion Canada Inclusive Housing Resource: My Home My Community ​Report ↗

Inclusion Canada’s report on Developing an Indicator Model for Inclusive Housing.

Are you part of a group, or do you know about a group working to move Inclusive Housing initiatives forward? Want to connect with one of the groups working on the action plan?

Our Housing Coordinator is here to help!

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