Federal Accessibility Legislation Alliance News

Posted 2019-03-04

Update on Bill C-81, the Accessible Canada Act

On February 19, Bill C-81, the Accessible Canada Act, received Second Reading in the Senate. L’Arche is a member of the Federal Accessibility Legislation Alliance and has contributed to 11 recommendations to improve the legislation. The FALA leadership team presented these recommendations to ten Senators, Minister Qualtrough, and the Accessibility Secretariat last week.

Photo (courtesy FALA): FALA team with Senator Munson

In a blogpost, FALA writes, “Soon Bill C-81 will be off to the Senate committee to be further discussed. We hope they will make the changes we have recommended. We will keep you posted. Meanwhile, the Accessibility Secretariat (the government staff department responsible for setting up the Accessible Canada Act) are working on finding office space for CASDO (the Canadian Accessibility Standards Development Organization). They will soon be post ing applications for the positions at CASDO. They are full steam ahead so that if/when Bill C-81 is approved we can all get a move on.”


New community leader for L'Arche Le Printemps

L'Arche Le Printemps is pleased to announce the appointment of Marie-Claude Morin as the new Community Leader.

New Translation and Interpretation Coordinator at L'Arche Canada

L'Arche Canada is pleased to announce Jennifer Couëlle as the new Translation and Interpretation Coordinator.

New Director of Communications at L'Arche Canada

L’Arche Canada is pleased to announce Warren Pot as the new Director of Communications.

Teegan Arthur joins us as the new Payroll and Database Technician

L’Arche Canada is pleased to have Teegan Arthur join us as the new Payroll and Database Technician.

L'Arche Emergency Fund in support of our friends in Ukraine

People living with intellectual disabilities often suffer more in disasters and are forgotten by efforts to help.

New Community Leader for L'Arche Montréal

We are pleased to announce that the L'Arche Montreal Nominating Committee has selected Louise Provost as the new Community Leader.

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New Community Leader for L'Arche Calgary

We are very happy to announce that the Board of Directors of L’Arche Calgary has appointed Ani Hynes as the new Community Leader/Executive Director for the next 4 years.

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