L’Arche Saskatoon

L'Arche Saskatoon Ark Hives

We’re always up for a new challenge in L’Arche Saskatoon, and this year, thanks to a grant from the L’Arche Canada Foundation, we began the adventure of beekeeping.

Our workshop members did a fair bit of work looking after the bees in our two hives. Lighting the smoker and smoking the bees before opening the hives was a favorite task! One of our hives had trouble holding on to its queen, but we were eventually able to get one settled in nicely. Our honey harvest at the end of summer was a modest affair, about 20 pounds of honey, but it was a lot of fun. I was the only person who got stung! We’re looking forward to starting again next year after the snow melts—look for honey from the L’Arche Saskatoon Ark Hives.