An Openness to Others

L’Arche is rooted in a Christian tradition, but its members belong to a variety of faith traditions or follow other spiritual or personal pathways. There is a shared spirituality in L’Arche that includes finding mystery in the ordinary things of daily life, celebrating the unique gift of each person, and seeing our need for one another as a pathway to inner freedom, mutual care, unity, and communion.

Jean Vanier Daily Thoughts

The Outside Authority

If a community is to be able to make plans for the future it must have assimilated its past and have a sense of its own tradition. That is one of the reasons the external authority must not change too often. Continuity is important. The role of this outside authority is a delicate one. It is to see as clearly as possible the positive forces in the community and also to point out the negative ones. The outside authority encourages, helps to renew hope and takes the heat out of things. But it is a passing role. It leaves and the community continues on with the people who are there.

Jean Vanier, Community and Growth, p.129

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