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Everyone Deserves Inclusive Housing

Pledge for Inclusive Housing Opportunities:

So many of us believe in the power of community and the fundamental right of every individual, regardless of intellectual abilities, to have a safe, supportive, and dignified place to call home.

In light of recent federal budget decisions, inclusive housing is more crucial than ever. It’s about creating spaces where everyone can thrive, contribute, and feel a deep sense of belonging, especially as financial allocations from the government continue to impact the most vulnerable.

Would you join us today in pledging your support for more inclusive and accessible housing in Canada?

By signing this pledge, you’ll stand with a growing movement of kind and compassionate individuals who champion inclusion, belonging, and supportive communities for people with and without intellectual disabilities.

Collective action is powerful.

By adding your name today, you’ll help us create a larger voice advocating for systemic change. This voice calls on not just government officials, but our society at large to commit to making inclusive housing not just an ideal, but a reality for all. We urge the federal government to consider the effects of their fiscal policies and enhance support for initiatives that remove barriers to housing.

Together, we can build a future where inclusion in housing is not an exception but the norm. Let’s work towards a world where everyone can live a fulfilled life in a community that values and celebrates their unique contributions.

Join the Movement for Inclusive Housing

Be a part of the change—sign now and take a step towards a world where everyone’s right to a home is recognized.

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