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“I belong when I can truly be myself and others can be truly themselves too. I’ve learned that I don’t have to be like anybody else. I can be me and I can show love for everyone. That’s what I’m passionate about.” – Tiana

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At L’Arche Canada, it is our belief that we can help make a more kind, just world – a world where everyone belongs.If you downloaded this eBook, it seems like that is important to you too.

So many people with intellectual disabilities often live in isolation as adults. Those who need or benefit from assisted living often only have a few people who interact with them on any given day. Many people say they don’t have any friends.

If you are like us, you know that experiencing loneliness is difficult for anyone. No one deserves to live in isolation.

We rely on rare, compassionate people, like you, to transform lives. Your financial support offers hope and opportunities to help build community, so that people with and without intellectual disabilities can live together joyfully.

Will you partner with us today to help transform lives?

Today, more people with intellectual disabilities are experiencing loneliness than ever before – not less. The demand for support is only growing.

L’Arche operates in 37 countries around the world and there are 200 L’Arche homes and day programs across Canada having a positive impact on thousands of lives every year.

It is our hope that we can create a world where everyone belongs. If you feel the same, will you please give generously today?

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