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A FREE ebook that Shares Creative Expressions from Artists with Intellectual Disabilities Across Canada

Art opens a window into how others see and understand the world.

This FREE eBook showcases artwork from L’Arche Canada communities. Each painting tells a unique story from an artist who has an intellectual disability. Despite daily challenges – the artists lead fulfilling and purposeful lives.

In this eBook you’ll:

  • Explore curated art from people with intellectual disabilities across Canada
  • Learn more about L’Arche Canada Communities
  • Understand how we can all contribute to creating a world where everyone belongs.

We each interpret our environments in our own way, but a painting or artwork allows us to see the world through the eyes of the artist. You’ll get to see art that shares and provides insights into the lives of people who:

  • Confront daily challenges while leading purposeful lives.
  • Thrive in collaborative communities where their contributions are recognized and valued
  • Live from coast to coast – from the Maritimes to Vancouver Island.

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