Aeroplan Miles

You can support L'Arche's work by donating your Aeroplan miles through the Aeroplan member donation program!

L’Arche is an International Federation of communities, which means we have members all over the world. These members include core members, assistants, volunteers, family members and friends. Whenever possible, we use teleconferencing to connect with each other, but some of our work does require air travel and hotels in order to develop, build and maintain the quality of community built by L'Arche. Donating your Aeroplan miles to the L’Arche Canada Foundation will help support the members of L’Arche travelling to community collaboration events, leadership meetings, servant leadership training and L’Arche retreats. This will help reduce the amount of money spent on air travel, allowing us to allocate those funds to important L’Arche programs.

How can I donate my Aeroplan Miles to the L’Arche Canada Foundation?

Visit our charity page at to make a one time gift. Aeroplan will then top up every mile you donate by 10%!

Due to Canada Revenue Agency regulations, Aeroplan Miles do not have a monetary value and are not eligible for a tax receipt.

If you need more information, please contact the L'Arche Canada Foundation.