L’Arche possesses an extraordinary gift: a compelling vision of a world where every person is valued and belongs, brought to life in the powerful experience of sharing life with persons with intellectual disability. L’Arche demonstrates that when persons with disabilities take their place at the table, they thrive and contribute to a more vibrant, compassionate, and just society for all.

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But a gift is not a gift until it’s given. L’Arche Canada wants to have greater impact: sharing what we are learning within L’Arche and with our partners, and finding creative ways to promote diversity, inclusion and belonging.


With its monthly review of news, stories, and commentary about what is happening in L’Arche, with our partners, and within Canadian society, this newsletter will help build bridges of mutual understanding, share the wisdom of our experience, and inspire us all to build a more human society.


We invite you to subscribe to ConneXions and join us on this journey. We hope this content will inform, challenge, and inspire you. We imagine we won’t always agree – we welcome your point of view and will develop ways to encourage conversation. We also invite you to share your news and stories so that we can explore the unique gifts, learning, and challenges of all parts of our diverse country.


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