Harold Lejeune, artist

Harold lives in the Quebec community of L’Arche Beloeil and is well-known and celebrated in the area. He loves life, people, work, music, and dancing, and he plays the harmonica and the drums. Harold came to L’Arche when he was 21; he was so anxious to come that he called and asked if someone could come to pick him up a day earlier than planned.

When Harold started at Pot-en-Ciel, he wasn’t very sure of himself and needed images to inspire him. I found an illustrated book of the Gospels for him, and it inspired him to begin drawing. The images that move him are often deconstructed by him; he then redraws them out of his personal vision of the subject. I am always astonished by the beauty and the balance of his drawing.

Josee Lemieux, Co-ordinator of the artistic workshop, Le Pot-en-Ciel

The high priest, Caiaphas
Harold Lejeune
Caiaphas presided over the Sanhedrin which condemned Jesus to death.
The Wise Men
Harold Lejeune
When Harold succeeded in drawing this camel, it was an enormous joy, a great moment of satisfaction for the artist who emerged at the workshop.
Arriving in the Village
Harold Lejeune
This is one of Harold’s most important works, used in a poster advertising a benefit concert for L’Arche Beloeil. The quality of his work earned him wide public recognition.
Harold Lejeune
The Flight into Egypt
Harold Lejeune
The use of such brilliant colours is completely fundamental to Harold’s conception of his works.
A Crowd in the Village
Harold Lejeune
In this drawing, the agitation is evident; one can sense the commotion that swells when a major event takesplace in the heart of a town.
The Birth of Jesus
Harold Lejeune
In the stable, hidden in the heart of the village, Mary and Joseph welcome the child. I love this drawing because of its unconventional perspective on the coming of this one life, in the heart of the village.
Christ on the Road to Golgotha
Harold drew this during Lent. While drawing it, he recounted the story of what was done to Jesus. To draw and pray at the same time—this is a grace sometimes given to an artist/ this is sometimes the gift of an artist.

Poster advertising the benefit concert “La Pieta”
Harold Lejeune
A preliminary sketch of the poster advertising the concert that featured Angele Dubeau and the musical ensemble she founded, “La Pieta.”

L'Arche Canada - 2018