Introduction to Life at L'Arche

If you are planning to apply to be a live-in assistant in one of our communities in Canada the following explanation may help you have a better understanding as to what is involved in your role as a live-in assistant.

Are you a person who wishes to:

  • Be changed by your friendships with people with an intellectual disability?
  • Change your perspective on what you value and how you see the world?.
  • Gain confidence and competence as you develop new skills?
  • Learn how to live and work with people who are different than you?
  • Have an adventure in living and learning that just might change your life?
  • Learn the importance of celebrating the little moments of daily life?

Life in a L'Arche community:

The key to life in L'Arche is being open to relationship. Assistants and core members (people with intellectual disabilities) create home and share their lives together in households of approximately six to eight people.
Days are filled with ordinary tasks of daily living: cooking, bathing, cleaning, laundry, shopping, accompanying people to medical appointments attending regular community meetings and events. Home life is the cornerstone of L'Arche. The evening meal, birthdays, and times of prayer are cherished celebrations that strengthen the bonds between people who live and work together.
Most people come with an initial commitment of one year. Assistants come with a broad range of backgrounds and qualifications. All new assistants participate in a program of orientation and training. Remuneration, benefits, days away and vacation time are provided.
As part of a team of 3 - 5 assistants, House Assistants coordinate and participate in caring for the members of the home, following government guidelines and the policies and procedures of L'Arche.

Potential assistants possess the following:
  • Warm and friendly nature
  • Easy to live and work with
  • Initiative
  • Effective communication skills
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Willingness to be a strong team member
  • Willingness to change and be open to new experiences
  • A good sense of humour is always appreciated in our homes!

If after reading this explanation you are motivated to be a live-in assistant at L'Arche and to contribute to the building of a vibrant community life, please click on the button below.

Application Form for Assistants
Assistants are key members of our communities. Being an Assistant can be a truly rewarding life experience. L'Arche Canada thanks you for your interest. To know if becoming an Assistant meets your expectations and your abilities, we invite you to read the Assistant Role Description.

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Before filling in this application form, please make sure you have your CV ready. You will be invited to submit it once you have filled in this form. Applications without CV will be not considered.
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All applicants other than Canadian Citizens, Landed Immigrants and Permanent Residents of Canada require a work permit to join a L'Arche communities in Canada.

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Please note that if your application is accepted you will be required to obtain a medical examination and a criminal record search before you arrive. You will receive more information about this during the course of your application process.
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5. References
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6. Conclusion
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If you would only like your application and resume forwarded to one particular Community or Region (Ontario Region, Quebec Region, Atlantic Region, Western Region), please name the Community or the region and provide a brief explanation for this decision.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please apply only once. We will only process applications in one community at a time and not concurrently. Please do not contact individual communities.
I declare that the information given on this form is to the best of my knowledge true and complete. I agree to L’Arche checking any references from any L’Arche communities where I am presently or may have been involved and understand that these will be confidential between the referee and L’Arche. I also agree to any Criminal Records Bureau or Police checks which may be required as part of L’Arche’s recruitment procedures.

I agree that the information provided in this application form may be processed by L’Arche in relation to my application for this position to assist in the decision making process. I further expressly agree that, should it be necessary to validate any of the information provided therein, L’Arche may release the information for verification purposes. If I am successful in my application, it is agreed that any information provided will be retained by L’Arche in a secure and confidential file, and the contents only used for necessary business purposes, subject to my express consent for disclosure where necessary.
I have read and accept the Declaration above *
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If you have questions or would like to obtain more information before applying to become an Assistant, you can reach us by email
Assistant Role Description
If you have questions or would like to obtain more information before applying to become an Assistant, you can reach us by email.
Charter of L'Arche
We invite you to read the Charter of L'Arche prior to filling in this application form.Click on this link to read it.
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