L’Arche Antigonish

A lively community with strong ties to St. Francis Xavier University and many student volunteers.

Situated in the small university town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, L’Arche Antigonish has been operating since 1979.

Today, the community is home to 22 people with developmental disabilities. Our homes and day programs are integrated into the local neighbourhoods and our thirty-year history has cultivated a welcoming presence and support from the Antigonish and area citizenry.
L’Arche Antigonish also operates and provides a summer camp experience during the months of July and August. This day camp welcomes students with learning challenges and furthers our outreach to families.

Since our beginning, we have also benefited through our involvement with St. Francis Xavier University. This has enriched our lives through friendship and new learning experiences. Most recently the Art department has integrated many of us into their weaving program.


L’Arche storytelling puts belonging, diversity, and inclusion at the centre to help us “imagine the world differently.”
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Creating a world where everyone belongs

Across Canada and around the world, L’Arche creates communities of friendship and belonging. In L’Arche, people with and without intellectual disabilities live, work, learn, and grow together. L’Arche demonstrates that when persons with intellectual disabilities take their place at the table, they contribute to a more just, compassionate, and vibrant world for all.