“Pareil pas pareil” (Alike, but not alike) Educational Kit

The title “Pareil pas pareil” refers to people who have an intellectual disability, who are like others in many ways and also not like others. It is the title of a new, ground-breaking and highly accessible 14-minute video.

About the Pareil pas pareil (Alike, but not alike) educational kit

The title of this ground-breaking and highly accessible 14-minute video, Pareil pas pareil, refers to people who have an intellectual disability, who are like others in many ways and also not like others. In the video, seven individuals who have an intellectual disability speak very personally and frankly about their lives, their experiences, their views and their hopes. The video is in French with easy-to-read English subtitles. It’s available in two parts of 8 and 6 minutes, for convenient classroom use.  

A short video by filmmaker Patrice Paradis (“Producer’s Introduction”) in English helps to orient students to the Pareil pas pareil video and should be viewed first. Another short video, “Comments by Jean Vanier,” may be used to open further discussion after viewing Pareil pas pareil.

The Pareil video speaks to people of all ages. Professional educators have created a bilingual resource kit for secondary schools and for colleges and universities. Pareil pas pareil is also suitable for conferences and professional development days. Supplementary resources include a transcription of the film in regular and large print, journaling worksheets, a parent’s story, and secondary curriculum learning expectations that the kit may be used to meet. Ministry of Education agendas related to inclusion, diversity, social responsibility and citizenship are addressed by these materials.

A similar kit is available in French at larche.ca/education/fr. It includes materials that meet the Québec Ministry of Education curriculum requirements for senior primary and secondary schools and a secondary level Teacher's Guide for French schools outside Quebec. (This guide meets public school curriculum learning expectations in other provinces and also Catholic Graduate Expectations.) 

This bilingual resource is provided free online as a public service by L’Arche Canada and the Association des Arches du Québec. The entire bilingual kit may also be ordered on a USB stick at cost ($20 plus postage). To order a USB stick or to request Pareil brochures, please contact office@larche.ca


Kit material

1. Introduction

2. Promo clips (Move cursor for English subtitles):

Promo Clip 01
Promo Clip 02
Promo Clip 03
Promo Clip 04
Promo Clip 05
Promo Clip 06
Promo Clip 07
Promo Clip 08

3. Pareil pas pareil (14 min)*

Part 1 (8 min)*
Part 2 (6 min)*

* Click on cc at lower right for English subtitles.

4. Producer’s introduction (4 min)

5. Comments by Jean Vanier (3 min)

6. Discussion Guide for Colleges and Universities

7. Teacher’s Guide for Secondary Schools

8. Supplementary Resources:

a) Welcome to Holland story
b) Journaling worksheets
c) Curriculum expectations

9. Transcriptions

a) Transcript
b) Transcript in large print


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A free tool to help build inclusion, understanding and community in your classroom or school. Recommended for intermediate and senior secondary Health, Career Education, Leadership and Social Studies.
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